Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, and we have answers! Here are the most asked questions we received from our clients when they want to know more about our services. If you have some questions that are not listed on this page, please feel free to contact one of our agents using our contact page. We are dedicated to providing the best customer service experience to all of our current and future clients.

  • How fast can you deliver your services?

    When you purchase one or more of our services, you should start seeing the beginning of your desired amount of likes, views, or followers within the first hour. Usually, some companies say their services begin almost instantly. These fast services are almost always using bots, which can get your account flagged or banned. Our TikTok services are slower and look more natural and organic to TikTok’s warning system, so you won’t have your accounts punished after you partner with us. Depending on the number of followers, views, or likes you purchased through our service, order completion can take any time from a day to a week. If you ordered a custom service through our customer support section, the order might not be as instant, but it should begin within an hour of receiving your confirmation email.

  • Do you use bots?

    No, we never use bots. Every follower you gain because of our services is a real person. We know that if a service uses bots to add followers or fans to their page, they will be flagged or suspended from their account. When an account is suspended, they could lose access anytime between 12 hours to a whole month. Enlisting the services of a site that uses bots can be risky for the account holder. Plus, the security software of TikTok notices if a person’s account has a lot of views and followers, but not many comments. Bots don’t write comments or share videos or pages with other bots, so your account could also be flagged this way.

  • I’m not from the US, UK, Australia, or France, can I still expect the same service level?

    Yes, you can! We can provide services for all tier 1 countries, and our views, likes, and followers only come from tier 1 countries. If an American or french person buys views for their videos, they won’t get people from Armenia or Saudi Arabia. Too many views from tier two or three countries look suspicious on a tier-one account. Plus, services that use tier two or three countries to boost their client’s videos and give them more views and followers are almost always using bots.

  • I want to make a custom order

    Custom orders are difficult to list on our primary services pages because we don’t know how much a custom order will cost or how long it will take to fulfill. But we do offer custom orders on all of our services. If you would like to order a custom service, please create a ticket on our support page and describe what services you require and how many likes, views, or followers you need. If you want views on specific videos, please provide a link or links to those videos. Since the order is not coming through our order form, it may take more than 2 hours to begin fulfilling the service, but it won’t take more than twelve. You will receive a confirmation for us when we start to fulfill your order.

  • I have a problem. How do I get in contact with TikTokStorm’s customer service?

    Of course! We here at TikTokStorm provide multiple ways for our clients to get in contact with us. You can access the support section on your account page, and there is a contact form. There is also a contact page on our site, so you don’t have to log into your account to create a support ticket. If you use the support page, then you must provide us with your order number so our service agents can understand what you are looking for. You only have to provide us with your order number. Please never include the passwords to your TikTok account. We don’t need it.

  • Do you have 24/7 customer service?

    Yes, our email support is 24/7. Although it is not instant, we generally answer all of our clients’ questions and concerns within a few hours. Our clients have always praised our customer service because we don’t keep them in the dark while trying to get a hold of us. Unfortunately, we do not have a phone line that our clients can call, but we are currently establishing a skype or zoom call system for instant chatting.

  • I am very cautious about my account and my privacy. Do I have to give you my passwords?

    Those who are privacy-conscious will be happy to know that we do not require our clients to give us their passwords. We only offer likes, views, and followers. None of these services need us to log into your account. If you ever receive an email or notification from TikTokStorm or anyone claiming to be from TikTokStorm asking you for your account, please do not give it to them. Save the email and send it to our customer support right away so we can know that others are trying to hack into your account by posing our account. We take our clients’ privacy and security seriously, and we know how hackers can use social engineering to gain access to innocent people’s accounts.

  • Can you add followers to my account if it is set to private?

    Unfortunately, no, we cannot add followers to your account if it is set to private. TikTok does not allow people to follow private accounts. They only allow people to follow public accounts. You can make your account public, receive our services, and then turn your account back to private.

  • What type of accounts do you work with?

    We work with many types of accounts, and we can help fulfill the needs of any business or organization that hires us. Whether you have a personal account, charity, non-profits, clothing store, or restaurant, our social media experts can help you build a service that will boost your videos and your page and get them into the hands of interested people.

  • When I purchase a service, is it a one time purchase, or can I make it a monthly service?

    When you click on our order forms, you will see that there are options for you to either buy a one time service or a monthly service. If you order the monthly option, then the day before your account is charged, you will receive an email reminding you of your service. Also, if you buy the one time option, but then want to make it into a monthly service, then you can contact our customer service to change your order.

  • I am not satisfied with my order, and I want a refund

    We are so sorry that you’re not happy with our services, and we understand your frustrations. Unfortunately, we cannot offer any of our clients a refund because of our services’ finality. Once we add followers to your page or views and likes to your videos, there is no way to take them back. But TikTokStorm is here to provide you with the best customer service we can provide. If you are experiencing difficulties or frustrations with the service you have purchased, please contact us as soon as possible and clearly explain the issue. Once we know the problem, we can correct it, so you are happy with the services you requested.

  • I am a social media manager, and I would like to work for you

    We’re always ready to bring a new person on board to help build up a company with reliable and intelligent workers. If you would like to interview with us and see if you’re right for the job, please go to our careers page and check the opening job listings. If you don’t see the opening for a job that you think would benefit our company, please notify our customer service and leave your resume. If a position opens up, you could be the first person we notify, even before we update our career page.

  • What types of payment options do you support?

    We have many different types of payment options that our system can support. We also allow the option of paying with your debit account from a bank or credit union. The credit cards we support are:

    • Visa
    • Mastercard
    • American Express
    • Discover Card
    • And other multinational credit cards
    Furthermore, payment through Crypto is possible. We also allow our clients to pay through Paypal. When you use PayPal, you can either pay through PayPal cash or your debit or credit card via PayPal.

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