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Who is our ideal candidate?

We are always on the lookout for talented individuals that can help us deliver outstanding results and excellent customer service to our clients. We value individuals knowledgeable in their areas of expertise and have experience with social media companies that generate a gross profit of at least $250,0000 a year. But knowledge isn’t everything. If we interview someone we feel has no experience, but a solid education and a willingness to learn, then the hiring staff here at TikTokStorm would consider hiring them.

Small businesses and people are the spirit of the internet

When searching for someone to join our team, we are looking for people who don’t just work in the social media field but believe in social media’s power and its life-changing qualities. For many people, gaining more followers gives them self confidence and strengthens their resolve to follow their dreams and keep going out to the world. A quality social media campaign can double or triple the revenue for small businesses and introduce them to people who have never seen them before and help them gain new clients. Small companies don’t have unlimited budgets like corporations, so they can’t take significant risks to gain more customers. But, small businesses and organizations can compete in the marketing world because of our low prices and real followers. This is why we are so devoted to our clients.

Don’t let an opportunity pass

Below are the jobs we are currently looking to fill. It is usually updated every month or when a position suddenly opens up. There is always a chance that we are looking for new people, but we have not updated our career page. So if you want to start your career and are interested in working with us, you can email your resume to our customer service representatives. When a position opens up that fits your skills, we will email you before the job is placed on the careers page. When we start looking for people to hire, first, we search through the applications we have received to see if anyone meets all of our requirements. Once we have found those people, we will send out an email to the selected ones. An interview will be scheduled either over skype or WhatsApp, and then you will be emailed to let you know if you were hired or rejected.

Open Job Positions

Social Media Manager

Job description

  • Develop and execute social media strategies that focus on building the engagement of the followers of our clients
  • Coordinate scheduled services to be fulfilled for our monthly customers
  • Research and monitor keywords and hashtags for viability in social media campaigns
  • Generate video or other content ideas
  • Assist clients with advice on how to improve their account


  • 1+ year experience managing TikTok accounts a plus, but not required
  • Some SEO experience
  • Reliable internet connection
  • Access to a computer
  • Ability to prioritize and manage your work and set your schedule

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