Who we are

You’ll learn about our foundation and the philosophy of what makes TikTokStorm so successful on this page.

TikTokStorm’s Origins

TikTokStorm may be new to the social media game, but it is backed by a decade of marketing experience. The founders of TikTokStorm have a solid foundation in social media marketing. We are dedicated to providing our clients with high-quality social media boosts to their TikTok videos and page. The most important aspect of our services that make us leaders in our industry in such a short time is that we have impeccable customer service. We also provide genuine human followers and likes for our clients’ pages. They interact with your page and share it with others. You won’t find a business that employs bots that can do that. And if you find a service that uses real people, they won’t be anywhere as inexpensive as we are. Our high-quality service at low prices and excellent customer service isn’t easy to rival against, and these reasons are why our clients keep coming back to us.

Why we decided to start TikTokStorm

For the past several years, we have studied social media marketing because it is an integral part of people’s lives. Even if you are just someone who makes videos for their friends and family, social media impacts your day. When you see likes and views from your followers and those who just found your TikTok page, it makes you happy. People enjoy seeing other people appreciate and comment on their posts, pictures, and stories. Social media, to the average person, is a way to interact with millions of people online. Our world is interconnected now, and it will never change. This impact is what we love the most about social media. When your social media is in the hands of someone who knows what to do, your engagement with the world can improve.

What we want for our business

We want to be a part of that change. To TikTokStorm, social media marketing is not just about our services of selling likes, views, and followers to our customers for stronger numbers on their videos and pages. It’s about improving how our clients expose themselves to the world. Every day, billions of real people log onto the internet and interact, learn from, and organize with others worldwide. Most people start their day by looking at their smartphone and checking texts, news, and updates from their preferred sites and apps. We want our business to empower others and get them the recognition they deserve. When we decided to start TikTokStorm, our team had already developed a vision for my business. Our vision is to free people and small firms from relying on large companies and put media power into their hands.

Social media marketing is better than traditional marketing

For organizations and businesses, the rise of social media flipped the marketing world on its head. Now, small online stores and even brick and mortar stores can compete for people’s attention online. No longer do small businesses have to scramble around looking for foot traffic or find the few people in their local area who don’t know about their store and try to convince them to visit the store. Small stores can get their business and their products in front of just as many people as mega businesses with an unlimited budget can. Once people find their high-quality and personalized products, they won’t need to settle for a corporation’s mediocre products and pad the bottom line of a faceless business. People can now meet and talk directly to business owners and support people in their local communities. That’s the power of social media marketing.

Our social media philosophy

We here at TikTokStorm have always believed in the power of the internet. Our company is based on the belief that TikTok can change people’s lives for the better. Our motto: Social media marketing gives you talent the attention it deserves. And we’re right about that. The advertising world casts a wide net and tries to appeal to as many people as possible. This type of thinking makes boring, overdone commercials in an attempt to appeal to disinterested customers. To appeal to as many people as possible, how many talented people have been lost to the traditional advertising machine because they couldn’t draw a varied audience. But social media and its marketing changed all that. Now, a talented person doesn’t have to wait for the approval of big business. They can download any number of social media apps, including TikTok, and start working on their fanbase and talents or market their business or organization.

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